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Aikido School of Self Defense
Sensei Robert B. MacEwen, Jr.
Sensei Robert B. MacEwen, Jr., director of the Aikido School of Self Defense, holds a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Nihon Goshin Aikido, second highest in the world.  He also holds a Fifth Black Belt in Jujitsu and a first degree black belt in Ninjitsu and Karate. He has been in the martial arts since 1972.  Sensei MacEwen studied directly under Richard A. Bowe and John Lehman. Today, Sensei MacEwen is one of the top-rated practitioners of Aikido in America. His explosive style has been recognized by Martial Arts publications and organizations all over the world. His dedicated approach to teaching and his outstanding skill have earned him a place in the National Martial Arts Hall of Fame four times.For the past few years, Sensei MacEwen has been working as a stunt choreographer and actor in the motion picture industry.
Head Instructor
Sensei MacEwen JR.