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The Aikido School of Self Defense, located in Middletown, NY, is the oldest Martial Arts school in Orange County. It was established in September 1980 with a reputation that stands tall all over the world. On November 2018 became the World Headquarters of Nihon Goshin Aikido. All instructors at the Aikido School of Self Defense are certified Black Belt holders with the Nihon Goshin Aikido Association in Middletown, New York. You will be taught to meet the highest standards of the art. You will train in the disciplined traditions of Ancient Ones, and learn to maximize you physical and mental potential. Your physical condition will improve, your self confidence will increase and you will take pride in who you are and what you do. Our address is 569 County Rte. 17M, Suite # 1, Middletown, NY 10940 and our phone number is 845-343-2070.
Where Self Defense is a Science, NOT a Sideline